05.15. 02410-box barn next to Nyíregyháza, all sides conservation area is bounded, which provides a great opportunity sandy soil terrain for leisure riders, peaceful environment. We önitatós boxes, under contract, track and paddock use, 24-hour supervision, 3xi daily feeding (hay, oats). The wage cost of keeping 40,000 HUF / month currently a full house is expected during the summer season (April-October) will be 3 to availability. 05.  04. 025The trajectory of 60×40 meters, sandy soil, regularly maintained and poured akadályparkkal show jumping course. The track can be rented if you want your horse to try foreign environment, it is by prior arrangement it is possible at any time. The court rental price of 3,000 / event and the only condition that the horse valid passport have led to vaccinations. The nearly three-acre pasture, which háromboxos a small wooden shed on the door. From spring to fall constantly watered for best quality grass. The pasture horses to keep wages was not possible, this specifically in our old horses, walk them to spend their retirement years in horse friends in the best possible conditions: