AnettAnett :
Of course I’m one of those people who work with horses for many years. I have been riding horses for more than twenty years, having own horses for fifteen years. I graduated in agricultural engineer. I got my degree in horse breeding specialization. I wrote my thesis, with that I won the Student Scientific Conference, in “The Hungarian Sport Horse’s Emergence and Breeding” topic. Since 1998, I have participated in county and regional competitions in show jumping. I have basic sports instructor certificate in equestrian discipline. 7 years ago, we established our own association and I am a founding member of it. For many years I worked as a leader of horse breeding and train the little equestrians in our own riding school. I do not think our motto is exaggerative, really horse mean everything to me. After these, I think this is understandable that, although due to an old injury it seems like I stopped horse riding finally, I do not want to move away from this world in the future. Besides the horse, the photo camera accompany my life, I am continually learning and practicing till today.



Who knows him, he/she certainly is not surprised at the lack of his introduction. Those who are not know him, I tell you he did not wrote it. With more than two decades of experience in the show jumping world, he is the practical man in the team. He directs the stable, rides the horses and competes with them, drives the horse transporter, executes our ideas. However, introduction for the website….was not written by him.






julcsiJulcsi-the most fantastic helper:
I’m Julia Ajtay, I was born in 1994.december 3rd at Miskolc. I meet horses already when I was very little, maybe I was barely 2 years old. The initial affection has developed into a passion during the years. Photography was keep back till it turned out that for years I have to stop horse riding because of a spinal problem. As a result of this regrettable incident-and because I wanted to remain close to show jumping-began to attend the nearby competitions more and more as a photographer.