Horse clipping

nyírás1Why we clip the horse?
Horse clipping primarily has a functional reason of course not just an aesthetic. During this activity we clip the horses’ fur equally to 3mm long from the horse’s full body or large part of the horse’s body with the help of an electric machine (the horse clipper).
It is needed because the horse sweats during the horse riding and this sweat can not evaporate from the thick winter fur, just forms a wet layer on the horse’s body, from which the horse almost surely will catch cold or possibly cause a long lasting illness which can be cured only by a long and expensive veterinary treatment.
In contrast of that from the clipped horses’ short fur the sweat can evaporate very quickly, which can be facilitated by a so-called horse solarium, which means more dozens of UV lights boost up the drying. General method, that during one hour after riding we put a thinner blanket made of polar textile, which facilitates the drying and protects the horse from be sweated again, this will be exchanged to the thick winter blanket of the horse.

Just body clipping –  5000 HUF
Body with legs –  8000 HUF
Full horse (body , legs and head) – 9000 HUF