Clean Horse

Dear Visitor Welcome to our website!
Our start up business’ motto is: horse mean everything to us. In this spirit we try to extend our services to every topic connected to horses.
The answer easy, we love the horse. Just like this, in general. Not specifically one horse, or some kind of horses, but without exceptions, regardless of age, gender, species, performance without restriction. We believe that only a healthy horse is happy and satisfied.
In order to have a healthy horse, the first thing you have to do for him is: care about him (besides appropriatly keep, feed and train him). And if you care about him, we are sure that your horse and his living space, equipments are clean. It’s not that everything around you is clean as a whistle always, as it would be an impossible expectation to anyone who spends his/her time around horses. We do not think about big things or expensive supplements, just about little things like wiping the bit after riding and picking out the hooves, grooming him before you left him in the stable, regular cleaning your equipments, put salt into the paddock, etc. etc. etc. .
If you know what we mean it does not need to be more detailed. There is a little something, maybe just a feeling, a mood that you can feel immediately sure you too, if you meet a horse who is so important for the owner to care about him.
This distinguishes you (and us ) from those who ride horses or drive carriages or keep horses, just because it sounds good and there is nothing else behind it.
This links us. If you look at our horses, stable, or anything around them (already you can do it, because with this website our life became an open book for everyone) we hope you will feel this little extra and we will feel it too when we meet you and your horse.
This connects us: THE CLEAN HORSE, the well-groomed horse, caring about our horses- even though we live far away from eachother, even though an entire world separates us. You love the horse, we love the horse, care about him, we always have time to provide a good appearance, a well-groomed, demanding enviroment for him, even if he is a retired veteran or a young foal, as well as you do it with your horse too, so we are a team now. Now you surely understand why Clean Horse. And if there is anything we can help you, then it is already worth to start this business. We tried to collect those things about horses, which were missing from the eastern Hungarian equestrian life.
We are available in the followings:
-renting riding course
-horse clipping
– horse blanket washing and repairing, even with home delivery
– horse photo, competition photography
-individual obstacles designing and manufacturing
-manufacturing of aluminum competition boxes, even after individual ideas
-and we would like to make a small mobile shop, you can see its offer under “Bazaar” menu item, if you want to buy something, at the next blanket collecting journey or at the next weekend competition photography occasion when we meet you can buy it and you do not have to go to the shop just for this-almost web ring the shopping to your home.
Of course besides these we continue everything we have been doing before, we are breeding, keeping horses and training them, compete with them. If we want to be factual here we emphasize decades of experience and a successful racing past, or the professional degree and detail it why it is a guarantee for success. But we do not do this, because if we are honest, this does not motivate us, simply horse mean everything to us..
                                                                                                   Anett & Sandor