Bazaar What is Bazaar? It is only a very small shop. We tried to gather those things, which are needed in everyday life, which can run out, from which we unexpectedly need a new one. In East-Hungary there aren’t big horse shops in every town, there it is usually happen that for a new drinker, breeches or a horse blanket we have to travel sometimes 50-100km- of course the horse keeper never has time for this. So the idea came from this. If we go to the competitons at the weekends anyway for making photos, or we meet because of horse shearing or blanket washing, why don’t we try to expand our list of services and make a small bazaar, which is always travelling with us? I think after 10+some years of horse keeping we see what is needed, what the peolpe like to replace, but they don’t know where from. With a healthy self-criticism we don’t call it a horse shop, because it isn’t, in a traditional sense it isn’t a shop and it isn’t our aim to have everything which is dictated by the last fashion, there aren’t premium category luxury goods, but there is practical things which can be really needed and we try to have appropriate prices of course. Naturally we are curious about every opinion, idea, advice, and we try to get which we don’t have, or even it wasn’t before. If you say that something has to be in the bazaar and it is really fits into the supply, then we try to make our palette more colourful with it as soon as it possible.