05.15. 018Our stable , is close to Nyíregyháza, surrounded by nature reserve, which provides a perfect possibility for riding in the nature for leisure horse riders on sand ground, in a quiet environment. We offer livery in stalls with automatic water drinkers, with the usage of the riding course and the corral, supervision in 24 hours, feeding 3 times/day (hay and oat). The price of the livery is 40000Ft/month. Now we don’t have empty stall, expectedly in the summer season (april to october) we will have 3 vacant stalls. Our riding course is 60*40 meters, with sand ground, regularly maintained and watered with show jumping obstacles. You can rent the riding course, if you want to try your horse in a strange environment, after a previous consultation you can rent the course whenever you want. 

05. 04. 025

The fee of the renting is 3000Ft/occasion and the only criterion is your horse have to have vaccinations registered in his horse passport. Our pasture is almost 3ha, on which we make a little wood stable with 3 stalls. From spring to autumn we are continuously watering it, in order to have the best quality of grass. On the pasture livery is not available, it is only for our old horses, they deserve to spend their retired ages in the best circumstances.