Horse Blanket Washing and Repair

plakát2Washing and repairing of horse blankets, equipments made of textile (saddle pads, bandages). To cover your horse which work actively in the winter season, is essential to care about your horse professionally. When these blankets are dirty, they can be the hotbeds of pathogens, fungal infection or skin disease can develope on the surface of the skin which contacts with the blanket. Celaning of them is a big problem, because nobody likes to put the heavy saddle pads full of fur, into the washing machine at home. In the case of the blankets, because of their size, we don’t have a chance to put them into a normal washing machine. Washing by hand is very tiring and in winter without an industrial sized drying machine it is almost impossible to dry them. The dirty, hard saddle pads full of fur lead to the abrasion of the fur, later to a wound directly under the saddle, which causes a long constraint rest for the horse.
Furthermore we have to mention, that the horses unfortunately often make damage in their “clothes” during scratching, wallowing, these damages can be easily fixed when they are clean, after washing them, with a sewing machine and a special needle and thread. I think not we are the only ones, who have stood before the horse blankets at spring without an idea, how can we wash and put them away, at the cleaner the people looked at the “horse-smell” pack very badly before they told us they couldn’t clean it…
So the idea came from there for the horse blanket-laundry and to make the horse owners’ life easier, we go for the blankets, we take the dirty ones straight from the stable and we will bring the clean ones back to there.

Stable rug: 2500 Ft
Turn out rug: 2300 Ft
Coolers: 1700 FT
Saddle pads: 600 Ft
Travelling boots (4 ) 1000 Ft
Bandagen : 100 Ft
Repair: 500 – 3000 Ft